Namesilo Vs Namecheap



When you are looking to register a domain, there are a lot of different options. You have to decide between who you want as your registrar and what TLDs (top-level domains) you want. For example, some people like using .com domains while others prefer .io or .me domains. One company that offers both is Namesilo (I'll get into details about Namecheap below). It's important to consider which features matter most when deciding on a registrar because there is no "one size fits all" solution out there!

Both companies have been around for a long time.

Both companies have been around for a long time. Namesilo has been around since 2010 and Namecheap since 2000. This means that the two companies have had the opportunity to grow their own reputations, as well as those of their customers.

Both companies offer domain privacy protection.

Both Namesilo and Namecheap provide domain privacy protection. This feature prevents your personal information from being visible to the public.

Namesilo offers the following features:

  • Domain privacy protection - Protects your personal information by hiding it from search engines

  • Whois guard - Keeps your contact information private when registering a domain name

Both offer a wide selection of TLDs.

Namecheap is one of the few registrars that offers .club and .me domains, which are not available from Namesilo.

Both companies offer transfers to existing customers.

Namesilo and Namecheap both offer transfers from other registrars, so you can start your domain name search with one of the companies and then transfer it over to the other one if you prefer its services.

In addition to being able to transfer your domains between name servers, both companies also allow you to take advantage of their free domain privacy services. Both offer this service for all of the domains in their store; however, only namesilo offers it for free with every purchase.

Namecheap offers a much larger bulk buying discount than namesilo, especially on new registrations.

Namecheap offers a much larger bulk buying discount than namesilo, especially on new registrations. Namecheap's bulk discount is up to 40%, whereas namesilo's is only 20%.

1- Namesilo search box : 



2- Namecheap search box


This means that if you're going to purchase more than 1 or 2 domains at once, then it's worth it for you to go with Namecheap instead of Namesilo.


The pricing and discount differences between Namesilo and Namecheap are significant and should be considered when choosing one over the other as your domain registrar.

Namesilo offers a very competitive pricing structure for domain names, but the coupon discounts offered by Namecheap are significantly larger. If you're planning on buying at least 5 or more domains, then going with Namecheap is a better choice than Namesilo.


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