How to search domain name availability ?

When you're looking to purchase a domain name for your brand. availability is always a key factor to consider. Fortunately, domain name availability information is easy to find online.


To find domain name availability, you can use a variety of resources & tools, including:


1- Our search tool


It is a Free tool that helps you to find the availability of a domain name for your business. It provides a list of available domains with many extensions and suffix like .com .net .org .app .info.....ecc. 

Just enter the name you want and see status of it. It may be available or already registered. And it will provide you many url with different extensions & solutions. You can easily determine the top name you desired with. And register for it. Don't forget to select good simple short perfect great look popular domains name query that people will remember. This is the first tips you need to apply. 

Amazing tool that allows you immediately checks the word you entering and pick the name idea  that follow your interested. 

Finally to owns this names buying  the best useful  services like namecheap or namesilo...ecc


2. Google search engine page:

Type in a domain name or keyword and Google will return a list of results. This includes both registered and unregistered domain names. You shall to type the keyword with one extension. And you will know if it still available or not.


3. WHOIS database

The WHOIS database contains information about  registered domain names, including the name servers and registrant contact information. For domain lookup you can use domain registration lookup website tool simply by one click. And you well get access to the  straight information about the domain owner and the service he use also the start date and expiring date, address , company he register with & contact data. 




4. Search box for domain availability check  dirctly on namecheap or namesilo.

Go searching for domain using this checker and buy the domain you choose :

1- Namesilo search box : 



2- Namecheap search box


Whether there's another ways & websites on the internet that will help checking or generate domains name by typing single or add multiple keywords.

You can also check this domain generator tool to get fast new ideas. 

Note : please Remember be simple with your choice to fits with your customer memory field. Be away from difficult names.