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Published: 01 Dec, 2022


 Domain Name Availability Checker

Today I am going to answer your questions about how you can find and check the availability for a good domain name for your website using free tool.

Now when you want to develop your brand identity you need to start a new website. But you might have noticed that it’s quite difficult to find a good domain name, which is available.

So in this article, we are going to see, how we can find a perfect domain name in just a few minutes.

you need to find a name that is both easy to Remember and also matches your brand.

So let’s get started.

2 Steps to Find A Good Domain Name for Your Website:

To buy a good domain name, We’re going to work in 2 steps:

The first step:

Choose a keyword, which matches your ideas for your website, for example, let's say your website is related to photography You can choose that as your keyword, but if you want to create a website related to technology, you have to select keyword more related as ‘tech’ or any woad uncommon.

Once you have selected your keyword Just go to your browser And then type

In the second step: domain name availability check:

Click on domain search on the website and Now enter the keyword which you have selected in "enter domain name".

Here enter ‘tech’ which is the keyword about technology niche And then click search.

Now, as soon as you click on search button You will find all domain names, which are available, with your keyword.

Now all of these are multi ending domains that what this website is characterized by it.

So Have a look at these domains and see if there is a name you like.

So let's say you like one of that domains just look at it And you can see that it’s still available by seeing word "buy" in a green button.

Domain name buy: your way to buy domain name for your brand:

Now as soon as you find a good domain name that is available, make sure you buy this name immediately.

So to buy domain name All you have to do is click on the buy button next to the domain name.

And it will take you to page, where you can buy your domain. But if you have not found any good domain from that keyword.

You can use the next method to find your domain as you want but instead of using one keyword, we are going to use multiple keywords to find your domain.

So to find your domain using the next method just write all the keywords which you want to use in your domain, And then enter them in the box "enter domain name".

Now once you’ve added all the keywords you want and that will show you all the domain names which are available with your keywords. So once you find a domain name you like, You can buy that name by clicking on the buy box.


Should Your Domain Name for your website Contain Keywords to
Boost SEO Rankings?

You're creating a website and you want it to rank high on Google.

Does domain name must contain keywords?

Well, if you want to rank higher on the first page in search, so yes having keywords really does help to rank you first.

Just take a quick look at Why do they rank so well for all the hotel related term is because they have hotels within their domain name.

Now this doesn't mean they're the largest site in this niche. because Priceline is a much larger company. is owned by Expedia but isn't even the most popular hotel booking site but is. doesn't have the keyword within their domain.

If you do have the keyword you chosen from the steps up in the article within your domain name, it does make it easier to rank up but, if you don't have it, don't worry that's okay.

So the short answer is, should you have the keyword within your domain?

Yeah, if you can get a good domain that's keyword rich, sure don't lose it but get one immediately.

If you can't get the keyword in your domain and you're thinking about getting a longer domain name, such as, it's not really worth it because it's not memorable.

People aren't going to be typing and searching that within Google, or any search engine and you don't want to be calling your company name nobody care to read it.

So, if you can get a short domain like,, which are almost always taken these days but, if you have the money, go and buy them or try the way i told you about in this article.

If you don't, make your domain anything out there, anything that's re-memorable, brandable, something that really resembles your business that you like.

And just make sure you include the keywords within the URL.

You can use this website name example generator free tool 





I try in this article to show you the best free tool to find and buy your brand domain name that it will make you the richest man/ woman on the earth with great strategies.